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Leah Todd is a freelance journalist based in rural Wyoming.

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The Seattle Times

Education reporter, October 2014 to July 2015

Digging deeper: 

2015.6.24: Charter-school panel learns lesson from troubles at first school, The Seattle Times [web]
2015.5.9: Wildly varying teacher salaries part of Washington state budget debate, The Seattle Times [web]
2014.10.29: After school shootings, reclaiming scarred space is part of healing, The Seattle Times [web]

Breaking news/daily stories:

2014.12.10: State's first charter school in disarray, The Seattle Times [web]
2014.12.2: Quick vote for Seattle school superintendent questioned, The Seattle Times [web]
2014.11.13: Daily problem for schools: There aren't enough substitutes, The Seattle Times [web]


2015.6.15: Tiny Seattle World School hands out first-ever high school diplomas, The Seattle Times [web]